I'm Seeking a: Man
My Age: 40
I'm From:
Living In:
Status: Single

About hemcountry:

I love a night out and if it were up to me, it would be every night. Unfortunately I have my obligations to my children and my husband. Two things I would prefer to not have started if I look back at my life. Life is too short to bind to obligations. I only live ones and then I dont want to be chained down, a heavy chain with anchor on your ankle. I admit, I live like a beast when it comes to going out, my husband knows none of this. With friends we visit a different city. at least 50miles away. Because you never know! And the times I cheated… I cant count on two hands … something I would not want to stop. but then I never see them again. With this site I would still like to see my favorites more often;)