I'm Seeking a: Man
My Age: 38
I'm From:
Living In:
Status: Single

About sexyDiana:

One of the greatest mysteries in life is who we truly are and what we are doing here. I have always struggeled with my body being a size plus and not getting into the same size of clothes that my schoolfriends did. But today I can proudly say that I am confident in the person I have become, Im happy and secure in many good ways. And to prove that and to celebrate that fact I decided to do something I would have never thought I would do. Do a nude photo shoot from which you can see the first result with this pic (my fav)
Age is our attitude, if there were no clocks or calenders, how old would you be?. I overlook imperfections as I have many of my own. Never possessive or into control, a person is with you by choice and you with them. Love family gatherings. Understand easily why we all need personal space. Encourage anyone to spend time with friends and family .They are those unpaid analysts that listen, care and charge no fee. I have selected activities and food choices that I find work for me, won't impose my choices on anyone. Learned to cook very early as it fascinated me (no pun intended here). Taught by an Italian Grandmother and her black dressed gang. Admit, I have been seen eating fried chicken, but luckily that is all behind me now.
I cook for myself daily. Am happy when cooking for others and sharing their favorite recipes. Always happy to be joined in the kitchen. My character and moods are stable and light, can be assertive if prompted, but never mean. Prefer to see the happy or fun side of interactions. In my earlier days, things were a lot different from now.
Traveling was and will always be a passion of mine. And Im seeking a partner who wants to share adventures with me.
Loyalty is a also a BIG priority for me. I will be there for you in all kinds of weather, as long as you are you sure that you will be there for me as well..
Well you contact me soon???