I'm Seeking a: Man
My Age: 23
I'm From:
Living In:
Status: Single

About countrynazaret:

I'm there for sex!!! Please get that into your thick skull!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry about that but I keep getting extremely filthy and filthy messages from pitiful guys that don't even understand the best way to treat a woman..
Only since I have a big total amount that doesn't give you the right to speak like that to me.

About spewing hellfire and brimstone okay sorry, but I actually needed to clear that up upfront.

Now on to the topic at hand..

I'm trying to find a frienly guy that is regular however. Someone with interests that are extremely similar. A guy who understands the best way to use it, and has a brain. A guy because he's things to discuss who can keep a dialogue interesting and intersting.
A guy who adore travelling and needs to see as the world as I do. A guy who loves his girl not like the skinny model sorts that are bony but with a small flesh on her bones.

That's the kind of guy that I' m.

Should you be that guy afterward I'd love to touch base with you and have a chit chat.

Okay bye bye for now,