I'm Seeking a: Man
My Age: 30
I'm From:
Living In:
Status: Single

About ErinHarris:

Hey every one!!!
I'm your typical American fun loving gal who loves meeting new people.
Im the kind of gal who is always up for an adventure cause I love to try new things.

I have been single for about 3 years now and to be honest I'm really enjoying the whole dating scene without the “commitment” of a real relationship.

Since a couple of months I got into the whole online dating scene and I must say “SO far SO good” LOL.
As u might have noticed from my photo, I'm not exactly a skinny girl but have a little more flesh on my bones. I don't consider myself fat cause I do have very sexy volupteus female curves.
Lots of men say I'm really sexy..
And with online dating I have come to explore my sexual side a little more..
I came across this “adult” oriented dating site where I can just be free to show off what I have and just have fun and let it all out!! (so to speak lol)

I think people will either love me for it or hate me but thats not going to change what I enjoy 🙂