I'm Seeking a: Man
My Age: 23
I'm From:
Living In:
Status: Single

About JodieBabe:

Heyy all im Jodie!!
How are yall doing today? Good I hope?
I am here because I love meeting new people!
YOu always end up hearing the craziest stories and making the all kinds of different friends.

Uhm about me? Well I like to keep active! Yes I know I do have a full curvaceous figure, no need to make fun about it because I can't help it as it is genetic with me. I work out almost daily and I am happy with how I look so no worries on that part.
I can be really loud and always fancy a good laugh or two.

I love to travel to all sorts of strange locations, see how people life and stuff.
Im a gal who just want to experience as much as I possibly can before I die..