I'm Seeking a: Man
My Age: 46
I'm From:
Living In:
Status: Single

About msJamie:

Hai to all men that love GIGANTIC BOOBS and im not talking about double D's here boys 😀
Check my pic and see for yourself!

Now for my situtaion; sex at home is ok but I need a little bit more excitement in my sexlife as i reaching 50 in a couople of years.. I still want to have great sex and have multiple orgasms before i get to old..

I still have a couple of fantasies that I would love to see fulfilled soon
Interested in finding out what these fantasies are? Are you from my area? Are you looking at my profile photo and getting a hard on? do you have a reasonalby sized penis (sorry really can't work with small penises)?
Answers all yes? Than maybe we can arrange something..!
reply here, send me a message