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My Age: 35
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Status: Single

About xxxwendy:

Oh hello you!
My name is Wendy, im 35 and at the moment i have a serious sex deficit.. Hadn't had sex in almost 10 years now!!! I am practically a virgin again!!
I have sucked a couple of dicks thoug (really love giving bj's would like to do it more often).

But a man has had his dick inside of me for yeaaaaars.
And a girl can only masturbate so much guys!!
I am not ashamed to admit that I am getting pretty desperate for penetrationg..
The feeling off a nice hard dick slowly entering my wet cave, pumping me full of hot man juice hmmmm
i want to receive cum!!!!
So I am on here for one reason – and for one reason alone! – to get fucked by any of you cute guys out there!

I'm so horny right now you just cant imagine!!!

hot kisses wendy